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About Eric Romano
Professional Dj, Producer and Musician.

The career of the reputed Barcelonian DJ and producer, Eric Romano, is an established and rising musical trajectory with his own particular sound both in his production and his sets of mixtures.

In a very short time his apotheosis and ascending career has led him to the best national and international clubs and festivals.

With a long experience and a solid background, this prolific producer, in addition to an extensive proper discography and his own successful and countless remixes for famous artists, has worked for the most prestigious companies around the world, such as Universal, Arcade Music, Tempo Music, Blanco y Negro, USA import and a long list of first-class record companies, in countries such as Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Spain and U.S.A.

Constantly reinventing himself, this producer investigates, experiments, composes and synthesizes in his own mental recorder new techniques and new sounds, skillfully adding to them his excellent knowledge of sound engineer.

Successfully creating something unexpected, cool and unusual, Eric reveals his exceptional qualities as an authentic electronic alchemist.

With his extensive experience and “savoir faire”, each of his apotheosic sessions is a constant explosion of energy, pure rhythm, an endless mental journey, full of ecstatic emotions that don’t leave indifferent. Eric is an excellent teacher, who makes a true master class in rhythm, trusting firmly in each movement he makes and putting all his passion in music.

Eric Romano faces his new challenges with the same enthusiasm of the first day, keeping alive the essential illusion, the one that destines his professional future be full of new projects and expectations.

Also during these 20 years heworked as Dj performing at important festivals such as Sonar in Barcelona and ADE in Amsterdam among others, traveling around the world to take his music to the cities of Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Sofia, Bogotá, Madrid, Medellin … acting in clubs such as Cafe Ole (Ibiza), Club M7 (Barcelona), Club Mission (Cali), Sonrise (Bogotá), The Club (Cali), El Secreto (Medellin), People One (Bogotá), Bonito (Monteria), Divina Beach (Cartagena de Indias), Kylimandiaro (Barranquilla),Café del Mar (Ibiza), Cafe del Mar Yatch Club (Barcelona), La Chismosa (Barcelona), Area 51 (Barcelona), Electronic Room (Barcelona), Ocean Club (Ibiza), Fahrenheit (Medellin), The House Club (Villavicencio), Avalon Club (Pereira), Real People (Manizales), Non Stop Festival (Pereira), Elektra (Barranquilla), D8 Club (Cartagena), Icono (Medellin), Blah Blah (Bogotá), La Santa (Cartagena), Industry (Medellin), Exotic Fest (Cartagena), Calibash Festival (Bogotá), My Club (Cartagena), Real People (Manizales), Carnival Evolution (Tolima-Melgar), Two House (Bogotá), Deluxe Fest (Bogotá), Ksa Club (Medellin), The Club (Bogotá), Aaru Experience (Cali), Babilong (Bogotá)

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